Piling & Shoring

King Demolition is an experienced provider of piling and shoring services. We offer foundation or retention piling by means of either bored or CFA piling methods.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling is suited to areas which have collapsing or soft soils and is much more economical than bored piles as it does not require temporary casings during the piling process. CFA piles are constructed by drilling to the required depth and then simultaneously injecting concrete as the auger is raised to the surface. The steel reinforcement is placed afterwards and usually grout concrete is used. Another advantage of CFA is that it produces less vibration and noise compared to standard bored method, which would be ideal for areas sensitive to either noise or vibration.

We also offer anchoring systems in the form of rock anchors or soils nails to help retain a site. Usually a typical retaining wall would involve a soldier pile system with either a single or multiple rows of anchors depending on the depth of the excavation or the strength of the underlying rock, with concrete infills reinforced with steel mesh and dowels or extra vertical and horizontal reinforcement depending on the application. The concrete would be sprayed on using a shotcrete mix and a strip drain would be installed in between each pile prior to the shotcreting.